Full Moon Invocation

With the moon close to us and full, today is a wonderful day for releasing. New moons are for setting intentions and thus, setting the path for manifesting. Full moons are for letting go, shedding, and aligning.

The energies of the universe have been shaking things up in a big way lately. Not just in schedules not going as planned or wacky synchronicities appearing, the internal landscape has been shaken, too. I’ve been almost stuck, rather still in a fashion that is vaguely unpleasant. Old stuff has been popping up, and the new me has been floating in stagnant water trying to find a current or even a footing.

My walks are like breathing for me at times like this. The same is never quite the same since it is always new in the now. Seeing the same lines of ridges in the mountains, hearing the same birds singing, feeling the same earth under each footstep, gives me a footing, a rhythm, a sense of connection, for at least part of each day. And it carries me through the day. Once I’ve experienced something it is always with me. I can reach out and pull it to me, and wrap it around me or sink back into it or breathe it when I need to. This summer has been one of expanding, and while the pace has not always been comfortable, trusting that the pace is right for me in the now has become a little easier each day.

This full moon feels like the culmination of some big lessons, and today is the day to choose to complete those lessons by releasing them. Here is my full moon invocation for all of us.

I call the Angels from the North
I call the Birds from the South
I call the Water Beings from the West
I call the Faeries from the East
I call the Crystals from the deepest earth
I call the Stars from the farthest galaxies
May we release that which does not server our higher purpose
May we align with Spirit in the Now
May we open to the All
May we be the Light of Love


New Class: Cultivating a Garden of Light

Join me for a new class!
Cultivating a Garden of Light
Four Thursdays 7-8pm
May 15, May 22, May 29, June 5

This class will be mainly guided meditations. We will work with the moon cycle, the elements, the chakras as we head toward the solstice to cultivate a garden of light within you. Each week we will work with some new meditations and continue our practice of others. This is a wonderful way to deepen your understanding of your own energetics, to build and/or deepen your own practice of meditation, to cultivate your awareness of the light, to draw the light into your daily life. Whether you’re looking for support staying in the now, manifesting, or new meditation experiences, join me for these explorations in light.

Cost: $60
Location: Downtown Charlottesville with parking

Please email me at elizabethbain11 gmail com to sign up or with any questions.
Please share this with anyone you think might be interested.

A Garden of Light

Last week I got to see Philip Glass perform some of his own works at Old Cabell Hall at UVa. It was wonderful. He came across as funny and kind in his brief chats between the pieces. And his music is enchanting. To hear him play it on a grand piano in a venue dear to me was icing on the cake. It was a free event, open to the public, you just had to reserve tickets ahead of time. It sold out, as expected, and after waiting in line to get in, we chose the balcony for the shorter line and a bird’s eye view. What stood out the most after the music and the man, was the fidgety factor of the audience. Yes, it was an eclectic crowd. No, they couldn’t sit still. I was reminded how multi-task oriented our culture is these days. If one is listening to music, it is more than likely not just to listen to music. I do spend time just listening to music as it is one of my loves. And when I am listening to music to listen to music, I am still. Still in my body, still in my mind, with all my senses open to allow the music in. The phrase that has been stuck in my head since this concert is “cultivating stillness.” This phrase is used all the time when talking about meditation.

It is spring, the time of cultivating and growing: spinach, peas, strawberries, fox kits, hatchlings galore, tadpoles, and light. We have passed the equinox and are heading toward the solstice. So this is the perfect time to grow our garden of light. Beyond cultivating stillness, let’s cultivate light. Breathe to draw the light into our bodies. Open all our senses to the light. Whether it’s sad news, physical pain, the constant feeling of not enough (time, money, happiness, you name it), draw in the light. If it’s joy, delight, endorphins rushing through the body, feeling the flow, draw in the light. It’s what we’re all made of. When we take the time to call it in, we shift into a different pattern, into the All. It is a different way of being. And since we’re human beings, not human doings or human havings, let’s give this way of being a whirl.

Enjoy your music. Enjoy your spring. Enjoy being.

Special Offer!

I’m offering HALF-PRICE sessions until the end of April.
30 minute session: $20
60 minute session: $40
Sessions must occur and be paid for before the end of April.
Check out my Services page for more information on my intuitive energy sessions and how to contact me to set up your session today!

Feminine Power

It may not quite be spring yet, but there is definitely the feel of spring in the air. Here in Virginia, we’ve had a bit of actual winter with 17″ of snow falling in one fell swoop a couple of weeks ago and another 4 to start this week. Since then we’ve had the usual roller coaster ride of temperatures with the thermometer even reaching as high as 66 last weekend. But there is still snow tucked in the shady spots and on the northern slopes. It’s that time of year and I’ve seen so many birds mating…bluebirds tumbling down a snowy hill, red-shouldered hawks busy in a tree, chickadees dancing with their wings splayed beautifully. I know where two active red-shouldered hawk nests are. And I discovered one active red-tailed hawk nest this week. I’ve also seen the fresh red dirt by the two entries to the former groundhog den that the red fox has renovated to make ready for her kits. In the natural world, spring is the time of the mother. The mother is definitely an important face of feminine power, but really it is just that, a face on an immense power that is beyond form.

Sometimes in meditation there are these slivers of not-me that present themselves to my awareness. There are beings with faces I recognize as archetypes, there are beings I recognize as visitors from other realms with different energetic footprints. And there are powers who/that are beyond beings yet, from my existence as a being, I read them as still holding some essence of a being.

The times that feminine power has shown up for me have been varied. From specific meditations focused on feminine power to soothing assistance while working on self-healing to the great mothers of different animals appearing on my meditation walks. My experience of feminine power is as an energy that is woven within everything in the universe. Just as human DNA carries both the genes of the mother and the father, so too does all energy carry strands of feminine power and masculine power. I do not see the weavings of the universe so much as I know/sense them spatially.

The arms of feminine power are always open to all alike. The great mother loves all unconditionally, and is the power stretching up from within mother earth to hold us up when we can’t stand anymore. The sisterhood is a tribe open to all who are dancing, whether gently or enthusiastically, to the rhythms of feminine power. The crone or wise woman is there to answer the call for the wisdom of the ages for everyone who asks.

While we often equate feminine with female, that is so limiting. We are all a magnificent, unique blend of both the feminine and the masculine. Outside of space and time, deep in the vibrations of sound and light, is the essence of One/All. This is not outside of us, but within each of us.

So here in this month celebrating women with March 8 as International Women’s Day, the month that also heralds spring, breathe deep of the power that unites us all, and step forth in this dance of life knowing you are feminine power.


the seed unfurls slowly steadily
reaching for the light without
as I reach for the light within
gently breathing each strand brighter
I grow ever larger ever smaller
losing myself in the All

though there was never an I to lose

(This post was inspired by my friend Lisa over at MommyMystic asking for contributions on feminine power. Be sure to check out her collaborative post!)

Spring Cleaning Energy Class

I’m excited to announce that I’m offering a class to help prepare us for the new season. Spring is right around the corner, even if it is rather chilly and white outside today (in Central Virginia, anyway). This class will be a mixture of information on energy, the chakras, and the elements, along with guided meditations to clear, ground, and balance ourselves energetically. I’m offering the class two different times: Thursday March 13th from 7pm-8pm, and Saturday March 15th from 9:30am-10:30am. The cost for the class is $15. As we will be sitting for an hour, please wear comfortable clothing. If you would like to sign up or have any questions, please contact me at elizabethbain11 [at] gmail [dot] com. (I am spelling it out here to limit spam.) This will be an in person class, but if there’s interest, I may offer a tele-class in the future.

Changing Time and Leaving Time

Last week I took the train to DC for a quick trip to visit my brother. Our plans were to walk and see birds, and that is exactly what we did. For mid January, the weather was mild and there was plenty of sunshine. And there were birds everywhere. One afternoon we walked miles along the Potomac stopping to enjoy the changing view of water, sky, birds, land. The colors shifting on the water as the tide moved in were magnificent. The sky blue, blue, blue. And the birds, oh the birds my feathered friends, so many of them. We saw great blue herons, double-crested cormorants, golden-crowned kinglets, lesser scaups, common and hooded mergansers, red-throated loon, American coot, peregrine falcon, red-tailed hawk, cooper’s hawk, red-shouldered hawk, bald eagles, Canada geese, black ducks, mallard ducks. There were more, but those were the highlights. When I walk right down by a large body of water with no high land close, I feel the size of the earth in a so-open-as-to-almost-feel-the-earth’s-curve sort of way. With cars flying by not that far away, trains in the distance speeding up the tracks, strolling along the river slows down time.

It’s not just that you’re moving at a different speed, a slower speed than most everything around you. You are actually changing time. We seem to think of time as a commodity, and in our culture it’s always a scarce commodity. I like to think of time as just another strand of reality available for weaving any which way we can manage to weave it. So when I’m grounded, centered in my heart, and being (rather than doing), I can breathe hold of that strand of time and stretch it out so the weaving is big and open, and there’s a whole new way of existing and experiencing. A place outside of time really.

After our long walk by the river, we stopped at an overlook. We were just sitting in the car looking down a grassy slope through a few trees to the water. There were some Canada geese on the bank and more in the water. Suddenly out of the bushes to our right came two red foxes at high speed, one chasing the other. The geese were startled and their reaction was delayed, flapping and honking as they flew down to the water. The foxes were perhaps 20 yards in front of us, quite close really, and they raced off to our left disappearing into a wooded area. The whole thing happened in a matter of seconds, those foxes were flat out running. Yet it was as if we had created a bubble around us with the foxes and geese in it, and left time behind to be fully in the moment. The first fox was missing some hair at the end of her/his tail. Their tongues were hanging out, feet dancing over the earth, tails flying straight behind them. We could see their hair move with each foot step. We carried on a conversation of mostly exclamations as we absorbed the experience. A high speed chase in mid mating season, a small piece of the dance. And all this happened outside of time. We wove a hole in reality and stepped away from time into being.

Lately there are messages everywhere that remind me to be, just be. And I notice that when I’m being, that’s when everything feels aligned. Just be. And the All is right there, in you. Just be. Change time or leave it behind. Just be.