In the Midst of the Ordinary

So often, in today’s world, the special is celebrated to such an extent that the ordinary is ignored. The ordinary is where we really live. We breathe. We feel. We connect. The wind blows, the rain falls, the sun shines, the clouds billow. We eat. We sleep. We are. But instead of thinking of special and ordinary as two separate entities, what if we think of them as just two aspects of life, the whole? What if we leave that dualist thinking behind, shifting instead to the All?

There is always change. While there are special points along the way that we use to denote the change, we don’t have to focus on those markers. We can choose to focus on each moment. We can choose each moment. We can co-create. We are the change. So why do we even need those markers? They just detract from the moment.

So while you’re drinking your morning coffee/tea, feel the mug in your hands, the hot beverage on your lips. Smell the aroma of the steam and feel it moisten your face. Feel the heat slide down inside you. Feel your feet on the ground. Choose gratitude for this human experience. Choose to smile, to shine.

While you’re standing in line at the store, hear all the sounds surrounding you, the symphony of humanity. Feel the support of the earth below your feet, holding you up. Feel the light shining from within you. Choose gratitude for this human experience. Choose to share your light with this world.

In the midst of the ordinary, remember the magic that we are all One.


New Year Full Moon

Last night the full-moon-deep-dark shadows danced across the fields as the big winds swept through. Full moons are a time of release. Wind is an element of clearing. The pairing of full moon and big winds is a powerful start to this new year. Yes, we are almost a week into the new year, but as with most points of change, there is a window around the actual point of change where we’re adjusting. We exist in the space time continuum and thus we often experience change over time.

Here’s a brief meditation for bringing the new you into the now.

Close your eyes.
Lean into the light of the full moon and the winds around you; trust there is support for you in every moment.
Find that space of gratitude within you and allow it to connect with all that has made you who you are, past, present, and future.
Breathe into your heart.
Breathe gold light from over your head, breathe it down your body into the earth.
Breathe brown light from the earth below, breathe it up your body to connect with the Source of the gold light overhead.
Feel the shifting within as you come to a new balance, a new alignment.
Pause for a moment and feel the new you.
Smile and open your eyes gently.

We are barely into the new year and my practice is already changing. I have new rates starting February 1. And stay tuned for new services that I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks. I, for one, am excited for this new year!


Happy Solstice!

in the cloudy sky diffuse light this morning
I walk
feet planting me on the earth
as pulses within and without all sync
I reach deep inside and feel the light blossom
filling me till I spill into the All
shining ever brighter
clearing away the debris
drawing me into alignment
opening me to the infinite

I call Air, Water, Fire, Earth,
Wood, Stone, Metal, Ether, Star
I call Light–welcome, Light

May you find the light you are and may you shine brightly.

Short Days and Long Nights, Where Is the Light?

As the sun rises later and sets earlier all while moving farther to the south each day, I feel a pull inward and a pull downward. While I love other beings, I also love solitude. And I need that time alone to really be the me that I’m here to be. The longer nights allow me to curl into a book or into dreamland, to shift my journeys from time with others to time with myself which is ultimately time with Spirit. That is my pull inward. My pull downward is the Earth calling me to melt into my surroundings. To fall into the All. While these pulls lead me to the same space, the journey to get there is different and I love them both.

With shorter days, it is easy to feel that darkness is taking over. But the night sky is full of tiny spots of light. I think of how far that light is traveling to enter not just my eyes but my whole being, and how we just have the one sun so bright during the day, but so many stars during the night. When I stand staring up, I feel the light that is me reaching out to those pinpricks of light across the night sky. I am not alone for I am not separate. We are all light.

Here’s an exercise to try whether you’re feeling harried, out of sorts, or want a reminder of your true self.
Take five minutes after dark to step outside.

Close your eyes and breathe into your physical body. Feel the edges of your physical body. Notice any and everything in this moment. Feel your feet connected to the earth below you.

Gently open your eyes and scan the skies slowly, noticing the many, many stars. Notice just how much light there is in the darkness. Pick one star, pause, and feel the journey of the light across the universe to reach you.

Close your eyes and feel a spark of light within you, breathe into that light, making it bigger, until it fills your entire being and shines out of you in all directions. Feel the light from the star you picked still pouring into you as you shine your light. Feel that you are the star. You are light. Revel in the light you are.

Gently breathe back into your physical body. Feel your feet connected to the earth below. Feel the air supporting you. Slowly open your eyes and notice what is the same and what is different.

May the light you are shine brightly!

Autumn Special

Happy November!
I’m running a special for the next two months at the great rate of $1/min.

Need to ground, clear, balance?
Shifts in members of the multispecies family?
Need focus and clarity on a specific issue?
Practical skills for balance in the now.
Here’s your chance to start creating the new you for the new year!

Autumn Special
120 minutes for $120 (savings of $40)
You Choose: 60 minute sessions or 30 minute sessions
Not living in central Virginia? No worries, sessions are by phone or in person.
Payment is made at time of first appointment. Sessions must be completed by Dec. 31st, 2014.

Full Moon Invocation

With the moon close to us and full, today is a wonderful day for releasing. New moons are for setting intentions and thus, setting the path for manifesting. Full moons are for letting go, shedding, and aligning.

The energies of the universe have been shaking things up in a big way lately. Not just in schedules not going as planned or wacky synchronicities appearing, the internal landscape has been shaken, too. I’ve been almost stuck, rather still in a fashion that is vaguely unpleasant. Old stuff has been popping up, and the new me has been floating in stagnant water trying to find a current or even a footing.

My walks are like breathing for me at times like this. The same is never quite the same since it is always new in the now. Seeing the same lines of ridges in the mountains, hearing the same birds singing, feeling the same earth under each footstep, gives me a footing, a rhythm, a sense of connection, for at least part of each day. And it carries me through the day. Once I’ve experienced something it is always with me. I can reach out and pull it to me, and wrap it around me or sink back into it or breathe it when I need to. This summer has been one of expanding, and while the pace has not always been comfortable, trusting that the pace is right for me in the now has become a little easier each day.

This full moon feels like the culmination of some big lessons, and today is the day to choose to complete those lessons by releasing them. Here is my full moon invocation for all of us.

I call the Angels from the North
I call the Birds from the South
I call the Water Beings from the West
I call the Faeries from the East
I call the Crystals from the deepest earth
I call the Stars from the farthest galaxies
May we release that which does not server our higher purpose
May we align with Spirit in the Now
May we open to the All
May we be the Light of Love


New Class: Cultivating a Garden of Light

Join me for a new class!
Cultivating a Garden of Light
Four Thursdays 7-8pm
May 15, May 22, May 29, June 5

This class will be mainly guided meditations. We will work with the moon cycle, the elements, the chakras as we head toward the solstice to cultivate a garden of light within you. Each week we will work with some new meditations and continue our practice of others. This is a wonderful way to deepen your understanding of your own energetics, to build and/or deepen your own practice of meditation, to cultivate your awareness of the light, to draw the light into your daily life. Whether you’re looking for support staying in the now, manifesting, or new meditation experiences, join me for these explorations in light.

Cost: $60
Location: Downtown Charlottesville with parking

Please email me at elizabethbain11 gmail com to sign up or with any questions.
Please share this with anyone you think might be interested.