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Planting and Transplanting

I was talking with a couple of friends the other day and one of them said she feels like all she’s doing right now in her life is planting lots of seeds and that they are all TINY. We were talking about all the different aspects of life where it feels like it’s time for change and how it can be frustrating to be at the seeding stage. When you plant seeds, sometimes it feels like forever before you see the growth. But that comes down to expectations. Just like with anything, when your expectations are so specific and overpowering they can get in the way of just being. Then you can’t seem to do anything other than see that the expectations are not being met. I have been moving away from expectations over the recent years and moving toward the realm of trust. And let me tell you, like so much of this human experience, it’s a continual practice, this moving toward trust.

In that same conversation with friends, I was noticing that we are also transplanting now. There are areas of life where we’ve been nurturing our previously planted seeds and they are now more mature plants. These plants are ripe for transplanting and now is a great time for this. So while the plants have been growing in certain areas of our lives, other areas of our lives might be ready for those plants and with a little extra attention they can thrive with their transplanting.

Of course, it’s now spring and summer is just under a month away, so this really is a perfect time for all this planting and transplanting.

Breathe those expectations out on your exhalations and breathe in some trust with each inhalation.


Clear Your Space, Clear Your Mind

Spring is here ~ time to plant intentions

Kim and I are hosting a countdown to Earth Day on our Facebook pages. Starting on April 1st we will posting daily ideas focusing on ways we can heal the earth. Click here to like Kim’s page and here to like mine.

If the information below interests you, next month Kim and I are offering a class on energy clearing. Details coming soon.

“I look for what needs to be done. After all, that’s how the universe designs itself.” ~Buckminster Fuller

Kim’s Thoughts

As spring arrives I often am filled with the energy of clearing out the old both internally and in my environment. It’s got me thinking about all the objects in my house whose energy actually pulls on me daily. Have you noticed how when you go into someone’s house you immediately feel at home or don’t? How great your feel once your house is cleaned?

I experienced stuff fatigue when I was in California for the holidays, it was almost 15 years ago, but my memory is very clear of it. Almost every flat surface had items on it. The couple in their mid 60’s had knickknacks everywhere; they had items from their childhood, from their children’s childhood, mementos from every vacation they ever took in addition to the Christmas decorations. I started feeling very overwhelmed and began feeling smaller. To be around all their collectibles, I had to pull my energy field in. I found myself over eating, I think in an effort to buffer me. At one point I had to go outside and walk. Their house was not dirty, but just filled with objects. I remember coming home from that trip knowing I didn’t want to feel so weighted by what was in my house.

So, I went home preparing to purge. Want to really experience whether your stuff has energy? Go home and try to purge. You will find yourself going down the hole of remembering how it came into your life, who got it for you, and if you bought it and are considering letting it go – you will remember how much you spent on it. I am often amazed when I do spring cleaning to see my resistance to give items up, even if I no longer use them or like them anymore.

Often times during a healing session I will get the impression that someone needs to purge, especially if we do a session around healing after a breakup. When I split with a former partner, we had bought lots of furniture together and I was left with it. I couldn’t see why it would be such a problem to keep it. I mean I needed somewhere to sit and relax, right? The problem was, every time I sat there I was reminded of him, even if I wasn’t conscious of it. The day I gave the couch away I remember it clearly (it was a heavy couch), my house and mental perspective felt so clear. Yes, my living room looked a bit bare, but within a couple of weeks, someone gave me a couch. I had to energetically make space for the new couch to come in. This also helped me make space for a new partner.  With this spring energy what do you want to make space for?

Here’s some books I’ve found helpful in making your home and energy in alignment: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up; The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo, Move Your Stuff Change Your Life: How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect and Happiness by Karen Rauch Carter and Feng Shui Your Life by Jaime Barrett.

Elizabeth’s Thoughts

Spring has arrived and traditionally we feel the need to clear out the old and make room for the new. So, let’s talk about houses and energy clearing. House clearing is not something that I would have thought I’d be doing. But, as it has continued to appear in my world in comfortable, gentle ways, I am listening and have embraced this as part of my work.

With this need to unload the old to welcome in the new, now is a great time to clear the connection with your house to create that space for change on any level.

Just to give you an idea of what energetic house clearing might look like here are two very different examples. One client felt that her very old house had residual energies lingering that were dark. We cleared the connecting lines between the residents and the house and between the house and the earth, really working to balance the elements of the house structure itself. One client had a house that wouldn’t sell. We worked on clearing the lines between the person and house, and made sure that there weren’t any lines acting like tethers keeping the house connected to the person. These are the most basic pieces of the work we did in these sessions, but this at least gives you a sense of the continuum of house clearing work that I engage in.

Most of us don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the energies of our homes. Though once you look at some of the questions below, you will realize you do already have a sense of your home. Just to be clear, I am talking about the structure of the actual house, not the placement of rooms, furniture, and fixtures—that’s feng shui. Here are a few questions to get you started.

Do you have favorite spots in your house even if you don’t spend lots of time in them?
Are there spaces you only ever move through and maybe even dislike?
Does your house feel lighter or heavier in different parts?
When you think of or picture your house is there a certain aspect that you always think of or see?

As you ask yourself these questions you may notice specific emotions and beliefs popping up. This is where the connecting line between you and the structure of your house comes into play. While you may think your house is not tied into your job or your creativity, everything is woven together into a beautiful web and very intricately related. Just bringing awareness to this can create a deep shift. Enjoy your explorations into a different sort of spring clearing!

Deepen Your Connection to Your Dog/Cat

Join me and get to know your companion animal in new ways. Using guided meditation you will:

  •  Learn how to connect on new levels with your companion animal.
  • Gain a new understanding of yourself, your dog or cat, and the connection between the two of you.
  • Discover new perspectives on the connections between beings.

Teleclass in 2 parts: March 15th from 7:30pm-8pm and March 22th from 7:30pm-8pm

Class is by phone and you will receive a recording of it for replay.

No experience necessary. Cost is $40.

To sign up or ask questions, please email me at

Why Meditate?

As a natural growth from our February Open Heart Meditation event, this month we’re exploring meditation and the whys and hows of drawing it into your life. Check out this article with a little of the science behind why you might want to meditate.

Kim’s Thoughts

The morning after our open heart meditation, I had a sudden insight about a tarp in my back yard and the resentment I carried about it. Yes, a tarp. Months ago, my husband was working on a project in our backyard which involved said tarp. It seriously may have been 6 months ago. Since then, it has blown down the hill and rests against the edge of our woods. When I wash dishes, I look out into our back yard and see it. Many times I have asked: “Can you pick up that tarp?” “Will you pick it up today?” or “I’m worried that tarp is going to blow on the road…”

Although I was annoyed by this tarp, I hadn’t picked it up. I’d used it to separate me from my husband. I also used it to separate me from myself. Recently, I would get irritated when I’d see the tarp, but did that propel me to pick it up? No way. In many ways my husband not picking it up was important. It allowed me to see how potent these little things can be. I saw how much time and energy I had wasted. If I had gone out and picked it up shortly after I saw it, or after the 20th time I noticed it, I would have missed this perspective. Instead of taking responsibility, I wanted to force responsibility on him.  I saw him as standing in my way of enjoying the view – he was in my way of happiness. This wasn’t causing us to not get along, but it was like a splinter – slightly irritating. I was surprised to see how this controlled my thoughts and my feelings, and how many times I had had a choice to take control, but had not been aware of it. Yes, I got all of this from our short heart meditation. This is often how energy healings or meditation works: there is a subtle shift in your consciousness; a type of awakening that in turn shifts your actions.

Guess what happened next? Yep, I picked it up. It is resting on a shelf and my heart is much lighter.  Here’s what else happened that day that feels connected:
• I picked up litter around my mom’s mailbox – I had been giving that beer bottle and chip bag the stink eye for a couple weeks – strangely that had not motivated them .
• I put away our snow shovels still strewn about our steps after the big storm.
• When my daughter suggested we plant a box of bulbs I bought on a whim back in September, I said sure.
• I shared this story with my husband and we connected over it.

Maybe this story is something you can relate to? A teen who always leaves their shoes in the middle of the room or that co-worker who always seems to complain. Can you recognize you have a choice as to whether or not it interferes in your relationship? Maybe it’s not something as simple as picking up a tarp, but you can make choices to how you respond. I share this story because often we have little things that we let control the way we see ourselves and a situation, and the little things become what we hear the loudest.

Kim can be found at Hara Studio


Elizabeth’s Thoughts

As an Intuitive Energy Guide I use guided meditations a lot. When I look at how long I’ve been using them in my life, it’s interesting to see just how far back they go. I was a gardener at an herb farm when I trained to be a hatha yoga instructor in Integral Yoga. From teaching yoga at the herb farm to teaching yoga to fellow students while I was in massage school, everyone loved savasana, the guided meditation into a deep relaxed state at the end of class. I used it myself if I was stressed or tired but couldn’t fall asleep. And then I started using guided meditations for more than just relaxation, I used them to explore different aspects of myself, more than just my physical self. And it has developed into my main tool as I guide beings through this and other realms. Whether I am working with a human and her cats to find a place of balance after the loss of a cat, or with a human who is embracing his whole being and exploring his powers and responsibilities as a co-creator, I use guided meditations to bring awareness to and allow shifts on levels we are not usually paying attention to.

Just like anything new, meditation might seem uncomfortable. I always like to remind people that there is no right or wrong way to meditate. Much of the media about meditation focuses on sitting still for long periods of time. While this is indeed one way to meditate, there are so many other ways to meditate. I have a walking meditation practice. I walk pretty much every morning, rain or shine (I don’t melt). I have a few blessings I invoke that I repeat over and over, and I also use the time to draw forth anything that needs attention. But, a lot of my walk is just taking in my surroundings: the clouds scudding across the sky, the color of the sunrise as it tickles the mountains, the great horned owl nest, the lack of awareness drivers have toward walkers. For me, noticing what is going on in the natural world around me helps me feel connected to the All, helps me stay grounded, centered, and balanced. And I notice what’s going on inside of myself, too. Am I quick to anger by the driver who couldn’t stay on his side of the road or even lift a foot off the accelerator while passing me? Am I feeling a twinge in my knee? Do I feel in alignment with my Higher Self? While I do practice seated meditation, my sitting practice is not as regular as my walking practice…which leads me to the word practice. Just as I mentioned above that there is no right or wrong way to meditate, it’s also important to remember that we are not seeking perfection as meditators. It is a practice. Most of our human experience is made up of practices. We practice at connecting with humans. We practice at a plethora of skills. And meditation is just that, a skill. I find it to be an extremely useful skill and continue to explore different ways of meditation.

Here is a simple way to draw meditation into your life. While you’re brushing your teeth, stand evenly on both feet, close your eyes, and just notice what brushing your teeth really feels like. It’s something physical, but what thoughts or emotions are popping up. Still brushing your teeth, can you sink down into your heart space and feel the comfort of this place? Open your eyes, finish brushing your teeth and move on into your day.

Whether meditation is new to you or you’ve been practicing for awhile, as you venture into new experiences, be kind to yourself. Have compassion for yourself as you step out of your comfort zone in this search for the nameless. If you’re looking for more ideas, please check here: meditation.

Tune into Your Heart

A Valentine’s Party~

Are you holding onto hurt feelings or resentment in your relationships? Is self care at the bottom of your priority list? Join us for an open heart meditation. We will journey via guided meditation into the realm of the heart. Here, you will explore the space, clear it, and fill it up with love. Sunday, February 7th, from 1-2pm at A Place to Breathe, no charge, donations accepted for Mended Little Hearts of Charlottesville (list here). Please RSVP: or


Kim’s Thoughts:

This time of year we are often bombarded with red hearts and the pressure to declare and prove our feelings about a significant other. With that in mind, we decided to host a heart meditation on February 7th from 1-2 PM at A Place to Breathe Meditation Studio. I’m excited for this event because we will be zeroing in on one of the most exciting aspects of every human being ~ the love we hold in our heart. Our heart is the center of our chakra system and it is through this bridge we move from the lower chakras 1-3, to the higher chakras 5-7. The heart is where we experience healing transformation.

I’m also fired up because we are doing this event at no charge and asking folks to bring items for the nonprofit, Mended Little Hearts of Charlottesville. They assist kiddos who have heart conditions. I feel connected to this organization because after pregnancy complications I experienced congestive heart failure. I was in my 30’s when I went through this and often felt scared or uncomfortable with many of the procedures associated with cardiology and heart monitoring even though I could mentally understand what was happening and knew I was receiving excellent medical attention. I can see how valuable an organization such as this could be: providing much needed support when your little one is facing a chronic medical condition.

We are asking for donations for their care bags for when families have to stay at the hospital (toiletries) or donations for their bravery chest. The bravery chest provides a special gift for children following a cardiology appointment. They are able to select a small toy, (hand stamp, stuffed animal, think pocket size) for their courage. Please join us.

Kim can be found at Hara Studio


Elizabeth’s Thoughts:

In February the emphasis is often on partnered humans. But whether you are single or in a relationship, self-love is a must! It is often put at the bottom of the list or even cast aside, so here are a few ways to draw self-love into daily life.

Here’s a wonderful way to start your day. When you first wake up in the morning, with your eyes closed, breathe deeply into your whole body, feeling this complicated, magnificent organism that allows you to do what you do every day. Put your hand on your heart, breathe in this space. Feel the power of the love that you are radiating. And feel the stream of love that you are always in, feel the love pouring into you even as it radiates from you. Breathe this love, and let this love guide you as you open your eyes and move into your day.

The unconditional love of our nonhuman friends is amazing guidance and support that is always available to us. I find one of the fastest ways to settle into my heart space is to place one hand on my heart and one hand on my dog’s heart. If you’ve got a smaller critter friend she or he might lie down on your heart. My cat is a normal cat in that he’s particular about how he likes to be held and he has never sat on anyone’s lap of his own choice…and yet, one of his favorite positions to be held in has his heart over my heart. Notice if your critter friends find ways to be heart to heart with you. They probably already do. Now watch what happens when they notice that you’re going out of your way to find ways to be heart to heart with them. They will notice.

Whenever you do choose to move into your heart space, feel this stream of love that you are in, this stream of love that is the All. When you love yourself, you are loving every being, for there is no true separation. Be your own Valentine this year.

Destination: Relaxed and Receptive

One of the most common comments after an energy session with me is “I’m feeling so relaxed.” It is often even, “I’ve never felt so relaxed.” This comment comes after sessions with humans only as well as sessions with multispecies families. Many of us spend time doing things we love that relax us and still might not be aware of just how relaxation can impact us.

In our day to day lives, we are doing and going far more than we are just being. Even when we have a meditation practice of some sort with a focus on being, we are often coming from a place of resistance without necessarily being aware of it. Resistance comes in all sizes and can be clear and large like when we say no to something without even pausing to feel if we really want to say no or not. But, much of resistance is blurrier and such a part of our normal days that we can’t sense it well at all and over time it can push us to a place we were never intending to go. Part of my daily prayer, that I repeat whenever it pops into my awareness, is “Thank you for helping me notice when and where I am resisting and for helping me move with ease back into the flow.”

When we relax, we can let go of rigid, old patterns that no longer serve us. When we relax we soften our innards, our edges; we allow ourselves to be the inner essence of self in a pure fashion. This place of relaxed being is where the magic happens. This is where we open to the new and different, and can feel our way through to what is in resonance with our true essence. This is where the shifts on deep levels can occur without having to do much other than be open.

The next time you are in a grounded, centered, balanced, and relaxed state, just revel in it. What do you feel like physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically? The more time you spend in this state, the easier it is to find again. Just as going to hike in a new place, eat in a new restaurant, make art in a new studio, once you have found your way there and had a wonderful experience, you want to be able to return. So, you make note of the directions and the next time you go it’s easier. Repeat. It’s no different with finding a relaxed state. This is the place you want to be able to find and hang out in as much as possible, because this is where you are fully shining as you and open to the array of infinite possibilities that are always available. This is the true you welcoming potential.

Enjoy the journey.