Tune into Your Heart

A Valentine’s Party~

Are you holding onto hurt feelings or resentment in your relationships? Is self care at the bottom of your priority list? Join us for an open heart meditation. We will journey via guided meditation into the realm of the heart. Here, you will explore the space, clear it, and fill it up with love. Sunday, February 7th, from 1-2pm at A Place to Breathe, no charge, donations accepted for Mended Little Hearts of Charlottesville (list here). Please RSVP: elizabethbain11@gmail.com or kimberlohan@gmail.com


Kim’s Thoughts:

This time of year we are often bombarded with red hearts and the pressure to declare and prove our feelings about a significant other. With that in mind, we decided to host a heart meditation on February 7th from 1-2 PM at A Place to Breathe Meditation Studio. I’m excited for this event because we will be zeroing in on one of the most exciting aspects of every human being ~ the love we hold in our heart. Our heart is the center of our chakra system and it is through this bridge we move from the lower chakras 1-3, to the higher chakras 5-7. The heart is where we experience healing transformation.

I’m also fired up because we are doing this event at no charge and asking folks to bring items for the nonprofit, Mended Little Hearts of Charlottesville. They assist kiddos who have heart conditions. I feel connected to this organization because after pregnancy complications I experienced congestive heart failure. I was in my 30’s when I went through this and often felt scared or uncomfortable with many of the procedures associated with cardiology and heart monitoring even though I could mentally understand what was happening and knew I was receiving excellent medical attention. I can see how valuable an organization such as this could be: providing much needed support when your little one is facing a chronic medical condition.

We are asking for donations for their care bags for when families have to stay at the hospital (toiletries) or donations for their bravery chest. The bravery chest provides a special gift for children following a cardiology appointment. They are able to select a small toy, (hand stamp, stuffed animal, think pocket size) for their courage. Please join us.

Kim can be found at Hara Studio


Elizabeth’s Thoughts:

In February the emphasis is often on partnered humans. But whether you are single or in a relationship, self-love is a must! It is often put at the bottom of the list or even cast aside, so here are a few ways to draw self-love into daily life.

Here’s a wonderful way to start your day. When you first wake up in the morning, with your eyes closed, breathe deeply into your whole body, feeling this complicated, magnificent organism that allows you to do what you do every day. Put your hand on your heart, breathe in this space. Feel the power of the love that you are radiating. And feel the stream of love that you are always in, feel the love pouring into you even as it radiates from you. Breathe this love, and let this love guide you as you open your eyes and move into your day.

The unconditional love of our nonhuman friends is amazing guidance and support that is always available to us. I find one of the fastest ways to settle into my heart space is to place one hand on my heart and one hand on my dog’s heart. If you’ve got a smaller critter friend she or he might lie down on your heart. My cat is a normal cat in that he’s particular about how he likes to be held and he has never sat on anyone’s lap of his own choice…and yet, one of his favorite positions to be held in has his heart over my heart. Notice if your critter friends find ways to be heart to heart with you. They probably already do. Now watch what happens when they notice that you’re going out of your way to find ways to be heart to heart with them. They will notice.

Whenever you do choose to move into your heart space, feel this stream of love that you are in, this stream of love that is the All. When you love yourself, you are loving every being, for there is no true separation. Be your own Valentine this year.

Destination: Relaxed and Receptive

One of the most common comments after an energy session with me is “I’m feeling so relaxed.” It is often even, “I’ve never felt so relaxed.” This comment comes after sessions with humans only as well as sessions with multispecies families. Many of us spend time doing things we love that relax us and still might not be aware of just how relaxation can impact us.

In our day to day lives, we are doing and going far more than we are just being. Even when we have a meditation practice of some sort with a focus on being, we are often coming from a place of resistance without necessarily being aware of it. Resistance comes in all sizes and can be clear and large like when we say no to something without even pausing to feel if we really want to say no or not. But, much of resistance is blurrier and such a part of our normal days that we can’t sense it well at all and over time it can push us to a place we were never intending to go. Part of my daily prayer, that I repeat whenever it pops into my awareness, is “Thank you for helping me notice when and where I am resisting and for helping me move with ease back into the flow.”

When we relax, we can let go of rigid, old patterns that no longer serve us. When we relax we soften our innards, our edges; we allow ourselves to be the inner essence of self in a pure fashion. This place of relaxed being is where the magic happens. This is where we open to the new and different, and can feel our way through to what is in resonance with our true essence. This is where the shifts on deep levels can occur without having to do much other than be open.

The next time you are in a grounded, centered, balanced, and relaxed state, just revel in it. What do you feel like physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically? The more time you spend in this state, the easier it is to find again. Just as going to hike in a new place, eat in a new restaurant, make art in a new studio, once you have found your way there and had a wonderful experience, you want to be able to return. So, you make note of the directions and the next time you go it’s easier. Repeat. It’s no different with finding a relaxed state. This is the place you want to be able to find and hang out in as much as possible, because this is where you are fully shining as you and open to the array of infinite possibilities that are always available. This is the true you welcoming potential.

Enjoy the journey.



January Collaboration

Happy New Year! Now is the perfect time for drawing on the powers of the dark to help you create and manifest your year.

Kim’s thoughts:

January’s arrival is often filled with a building of energy with a focus on projects or transformations we wish to create in the upcoming months.

One of the types of healings I offer is Hara Healings. Hara healing helps you energetically align with what you want to manifest by focusing on three specific points in the body; the tan tien, the soul seat, and the ID point. If you can imagine a person standing in tree pose in yoga or a martial artist breaking a board with one’s hand or a ballerina engaged in a graceful leap: this is the energetic alignment of hara.

These three points are on the hara line that runs vertically through the body. Each point is related to a certain aspect of intentionality: the tan tien to physical manifestation; the soul seat to your longings and desires; and the ID point is your connection to spirit.

The tan tien is about an inch below your belly button and helps you manifest on a physical level. The tan tien  allows you to draw up earth energy, and acts as a base by providing stability. When it’s strong we recognize and respond to opportunities as they arise. When it’s distorted we lack clarity and feel stagnant.

Moving up the body we go to the soul seat. This point is above your heart, yet below your throat. The soul seat is where you store your longings or desires: what you feel passionate about, what you would like to create. Often times our soul seat can become muffled or covered up due to criticism, negative experiences, disbelief in oneself or lack of support from our families. When our soul seat is shrouded it is difficult to know what we want in our life.

The ID Point is a few inches above your head and is where we connect to spirit. This point is where we understand our place on the earth and how to bring our gifts into the world. When the ID point becomes obstructed we lack connection to Spirit or God and can feel like we do not belong. If you are experiencing any of these scenarios, the good news is that your hara line can be realigned.

Here are some options to restore your energetic flow:

  • Hara Healings – people tend to experience the most benefit when they undertake three sessions focused on the hara line. I feel these healings are so powerful I’ve named my practice Hara Studio.
  • Martial Arts – Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, Karate
  • Tai Chi or Qigong – there are classes offered or DVD’s for home practice
  • Dance – Charlottesville has a strong conscious dance community –check out www.dancecville.com
  • Mirror Exercise – stand in front of a mirror and connect into each point along the hara line. Barbara Brennan, founder of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, explains in detail how to do this hara line exercise in her book, Light Emerging.
Here’s to you manifesting what you want in the 2016!
Visit Kim Lohan at Hara Studio


Elizabeth’s thoughts:

We’ve turned the corner at the solstice and the days are growing longer. The light is already starting to build, but the nights are still long. (This journey of the earth around the sun doesn’t happen in a day.) Let’s take this time to jump into creation and manifestation.

Feeling grounded, centered, and balanced is important in daily life, but especially so when manifesting. If you are not feeling grounded, centered, and balanced, an Elemental Structure or Vision/Perspective Clearing session can allow you to move into manifesting from a more stable and open position. Services

First, remember that flexibility is a state of being: physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically.
Second, be kind to yourself (always).
Third, find a little quiet time for yourself for this process.

Now let’s dive in. Creations you may desire for the year could be an endless array such as: making new friends, writing a play, having a baby, getting a new job, travelling, laughing a lot, more me-time, finding a feline companion, volunteering, meditating daily. This list could go on, but these ideas might just spark something for you.

Here are some ideas and questions you might consider for brainstorming.

  • Break your life down into different aspects such as: personal, social, business, etc.
  • Break yourself down into different aspects: physical, mental, emotional, energetic.
  • What do you like in your life now?
  • Is there anything in that list that you want more of?
  • What do you not like in your life now?
  • What do you want to replace this list with?

Whatever the results of your brainstorming session, finding words gives shape to ideas. And making those ideas into a list starts the creation process in the physical plane. Whether you want a theme for the year, goals for each month, or some other shape for your coming year, write it down. Remember that this list is not carved in stone. You can change it. If you realize two months into the year that you’ve already created most of what’s on your list, make a new one! If you realize that what you had focused on when you first put this list together doesn’t feel right now that you’re into the year, make a new one!

Once you have a list, if you’re looking for something special and a way to make it feel more concrete, create a small ceremony. Handwrite the list with a fancy pen on a crisp sheet of paper. Light a candle and read the list aloud. If fire and wind are two elements that resonate with you, burn the list outside letting the fire and wind carry you with your dreams into this new year. If you’d rather see the list regularly as a reminder, put your list on the wall somewhere visible. Whatever you do, smile, and step forward into this new year knowing you are a co-creator.

Blessing of Creation

Blessing of Creation

We call on Earth, Fire, Water, Wind that we might know their support

May we find alignment with Source

May we manifest with each thought

May we find power in choosing our creations

May we open to the magic of choices more astounding than we could imagine

May we reach for the All with each breath in this coming year

And so it is


December Collaboration

Building My Inner Light     Kim Lohan

Winter solstice is approaching and as the days get shorter, I find my energy starting to wane. I decided to make a plan to work on charging up my inner light. Here’s what I came up with, and to make this happen I wrote it in my day planner:

Dec. 21: Dark / light exercises (see Elizabeth’s post below).

Dec. 22: Candlelight meditation.

Dec. 23: Dance party. – I find that anytime I dance around my living room it really charges up my field. I will probably do this by the light of the Christmas tree.

Dec. 24: Go complaint free all day!

Dec. 25: Go to bed 1 hour earlier than normal. – Seriously, I am already looking forward to this.

Dec. 26: Recharge. – Choose something that boosts your energy: maybe it’s a yoga class or hanging out in a bookstore or taking a walk.

Dec. 27: Unplug. – Disconnect from all technology.

Dec. 28: Gratitude notes. – Write a thank you note to a friend, family member or teacher.

Dec. 29: Rent a comedy. – Pick something that strikes your funny bone. I want to spend the night laughing.

Dec. 30: Create a vision board. – Create a collage of what you’d like your life to look like. This is a powerful way to energetically clarify what you want.

Dec. 31: Edit bookshelf. – Go through books and release those with which I am done. Decluttering helps to recharge you and your home.

Dark and Light        Elizabeth Bain

December is a busy time of year for many: completing projects; celebrating holidays with friends and family. Here in the Northern Hemisphere it is winter and the days are short, the nights long. Whether you are aware of difficulties traversing this busy season full of contrasting dark and light or not, I’m going to share some simple ways to shift your perspective and recharge yourself when you need it most.

In our dualistic culture/mindset, we tend to label and judge things frequently and quickly (often this is learned from such an early age, we’re not aware of the process). While we could easily get overwhelmed with the thought of removing judgment from our daily lives, here we are just focusing on our labels and judgments of dark and light. Dark is not bad, just as light is not good. Dark and light just are; we choose to label and judge them as bad or good. They are both tools that we can choose to use for our benefit. Dark can be used to create a womb-like space free from distractions and ripe for introspection, getting to know some aspect of self better, dreaming big. Light can be used as fuel whether you are sitting in the sun and feeding the physical body on the cellular level or lighting up the energy bodies for clearing or inspiration.

This year winter solstice falls on December 21st or 22nd depending where you are on the planet. Traditional celebrations are often fire oriented and many cultures have celebrations of light in some form or another. While the solstice is just one day, celebrating light can be an every day event or occasion. To fully celebrate the light, I like to celebrate the dark, too, as there cannot be one without the other.

Exercise 1, Knowing the Dark: Choose a time well after the sun has set, step outside into the dark (in a safe place with lights off or inside create darkness if that’s safer). Breathe, settle into your body and notice what dark feels like for you: physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically. Notice what labels and judgments appear. Just notice what is. Acknowledge the dark. Feel the dark that is outside of you and feel the dark that is inside of you. Feel the void as a space both empty and full of possibilities. Honor and respect the dark.  Say any prayers of thanks that come to you. Notice how you feel now: physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically. Then, gently breathe back into your body in the now, opening your eyes as you are ready.

Exercise 2, Knowing the Light: Choose a time when there is sun and pause in the sun (outside preferably, but inside works, too). Breathe, settle into your body and notice what light feels like for you: physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically. Notice what labels and judgments appear. Just notice what is. Acknowledge the light. Feel the light that is outside of you and feel the light that is inside of you. Notice if they merge or not. Notice where that merging does or does not take place. Honor and respect the light. Say any prayers of thanks that come to you. Notice how you feel now: physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically. Then, gently breathe back into your body in the now, opening your eyes as you are ready.

(Tip: If you find that it’s difficult to read the exercise and do it at the same time, find a friend to assist. Have the friend read the exercise to you slowly, calmly, while you relax into the exercise. And then after a pause, trade roles and read aloud for your friend.)



New Collaboration

I’m very excited to announce that this blog will be home to a year long collaboration with a colleague of mine starting this month! Please welcome Kim with Hara Studio to this space. Each month we will share tips and insights on different subjects for you in your daily life. The hope is that you will find new and useful perspectives, information, and straightforward tools. Please keep an eye out for the first post coming soon, and share these posts with anyone you think might be interested.


Remember Love

Still morning cool, with the kestrel kee-kee-keeing over the field. Harrier on the fence post far down by the pond, I watch your flight from post to top of cedar to post and I feel your wing beats bring air to my lungs. I exhale and lift you to another post.   Feathers, beak, talons. Skin, hands, feet. Earth, fire, water, air. I am not a bird, just as you are not a human. Yet, I am you, you are me. There is no you, there is no me. Remember Love.