Remember Love

Still morning cool, with the kestrel kee-kee-keeing over the field.

Harrier on the fence post far down by the pond,

I watch your flight from post to top of cedar to post

and I feel your wing beats bring air to my lungs.

I exhale and lift you to another post.


Feathers, beak, talons. Skin, hands, feet.

Earth, fire, water, air.

I am not a bird, just as you are not a human.

Yet, I am you, you are me.

There is no you, there is no me.

Remember Love.




Sliding Out of Sync…and Getting Back

I don’t know what it is about some mornings, but I wake up and everything feels good, in sync…then as I’m going about my business, somewhere along the way, suddenly everything is not feeling good. There’s an irritation, annoyance, frustration, fear that has pushed in and taken over. And sometimes it’s the combination of little bits that are not love that join together to push me out of the love vibration: thought by thought, feeling by feeling. And it’s hard to be kind to myself, recognize whatever non-love bit it is that is now the over-riding presence, and move back to love. Love for self, love for all, love that is the All. And so, I forgive myself for any thoughts of blame, I forgive myself for the fear, I forgive myself for forgetting the All. I breathe into my heart, feel the presence of the angels and my guides, and am love.


May you remember you are Love.


Honoring the Divine in All Your Surroundings

Yesterday I had a conversation where the other person was talking about different animals and how smart or dumb they are…which led me to share this insight. As humans so many of us are only aware of the world from the perspective that humans are the best. Period. And that is not only a limiting view, it is very much about separation. I come from the perspective that each species here on this planet has a key role in the existence and survival of this whole organism of Gaia. We are here to be frogs, trees, lichen, preying mantises, whales, bacteria, etc. And acknowledging, respecting, and honoring each bit who/that makes up Gaia is not just about inclusion versus exclusion. It’s about being one. We are all Gaia. So while chickens are very smart…according to the human view of smart: able to do things like humans…is that the perspective we want to choose? Or do we want to choose to recognize the illusion of separation is just that, an illusion? With each breath, honor the divine in all that surrounds you, and slip into that space where edges are arbitrary lines that serve only to note the illusion, that space where you are no longer anyone but all of Gaia and beyond. I am not an ambassador to humans from the other animals, I am an ambassador of remembering what you know deep within you, the Lovelight of the All is all there is.



2 Free Classes in September


With the changing of the seasons near, I am shifting my work focus to my Intuitive Energy Guide practice. And I have two free classes I’m offering for you to get a taste of the variety of work I offer. Both of these classes are more about you experiencing your energetic self, than they are lectures. While I will share some basic information, these classes are examples of what a session with me is actually like. As space is limited, please RSVP: call/text 434-249-9786 or email – Thank you!

September 2, from 7pm-8pm

at the Crozet Library (Group Study Room)

Heart to Heart: Connect with Your 4-Legged Friend

Through guided meditation we will:

  • Open to a new awareness of self and other
  • Feel our way through the interweavings of self and other
  • Move to a space beyond words and open to a new level of connection

September 9, from 7pm-8pm

at the Crozet Library (Group Study Room)

Clear Your Perspectives: Prepare for the New Season

Through guided meditation we will:

  • Open to a new awareness of self
  • Clear our perspectives in all directions
  • Discover and open to the infinite possibilities that are always available


Moving in Transition

Life is not static. There are layers of life that move at different rhythms within your being and your world. At times of transition, when there is a big shift in those rhythms, finding a way to stay in balance and connected to this earth plane can be difficult. The farther along I move through this year, the clearer it is to me that this is a pivotal year for me in many ways. So, I’m in the middle of transition right now, and I thought I’d share some of the ways I’m finding balance in this ever shifting time.

Having danced all of my childhood, then found hatha yoga, flexibility is something that has always been present in my realm. Often, flexibility is thought of only in terms of the physical body, but flexibility is a state of being. Flexibility is being in touch with the movement of energy, whether that is tangible in the physical body, or intangible in the form of thoughts, emotions, and patterns of relating and existing. Flexibility is being in touch with the elements you are, especially the water and wind, but also the fire, storm, and even the earth. There are rhythms everywhere and as change occurs, you can move your way through different rhythms to feel your way into the rhythms that suit you best in the moment.

So think of yourself as dancing through each moment, each breath even, and being aware of what feels good. Whether you want to actually dance around your room every day as you get going, or dance words through your being by singing or reading aloud words that resonate with you, do what feels good to you. Know that if you’re uncomfortable, you can keep moving to find your way into a place more comfortable.

If dancing or singing/speaking doesn’t feel like the rhythm for you, breathing exercises are something else to try. Alternate nostril breathing is an easy way to clear and balance yourself and only takes a few minutes and breathing which we all do.

As we near the summer solstice, there is plenty of light to draw in to support your transition. Focusing on the energy of the solstice, the changing angles of the earth to sun, provides added strength to your own changing angles.

Flexibility exists in each step, each thought, each emotion, each breath. And moving in transition is just one movement of the symphony that is your life. Smile, be gentle and kind with yourself.


Cosmic Shifts

New moon, solar eclipse, and vernal equinox all happening today! If you’re feeling overwhelmed today, take a few minutes to read through this guided meditation and be kind to yourself.

At this halfway point between the longest night and longest day, settle into your heart.

From this vantage point looking in all directions and across all time, sweep the view clean with your gaze.

Breathe the power of the stars above, the planets, the sun eclipsed by the moon.

Feel the answering light within you shining brightly into the multiverse.

Listen closely for the voice deep within that speaks only the language of love, the voice calls your true name.

Hear your name and sing the song you are.

Breathe out all that no longer serves your true purpose.

Sing the song you are.

Join the celestial symphony and draw this music into your body and into your world.

Feel each note as it shifts your vibration.

Feel your light find a new balance.

Open to the All.

May you find ease in change,

may you find light in dark,

and may you find love.


Finding Center

Here we are halfway through the month of March with a solar eclipse, new moon, and the vernal equinox all in the next week! All that planetary movement in a very short window of time…Friday is going to be a busy day in the universe. With all that dancing of planets, staying centered this month seems to be a bit of a challenge.

In this human experience change is a constant, but we often look at it with a negative slant and end up tying all sorts of emotions to it, creating a tangled mess. Day to day life is often flying by at such a fast pace that we’re overwhelmed just trying to get through a day. There is support all around and even within, but we have to remember to pause, notice it, and feel it. Here’s a guided meditation to find some support.

Close your eyes and settle into your body, breathing comfortably, gently.

Feel your feet connected to the ground and feel that connection reach deep into the earth.

Feel yourself in a vertical pillar of white light connecting you to the earth below and your higher self above.

Breathe gently and allow your entire being to draw into alignment within this pillar of light. Feel the light not just surrounding you, but within your physical body.

Stay here, breathing in this place or state of alignment for a few moments and just feel all that is.

Comfortably supported in this alignment, feel and hear big March winds pouring through your being.

Whether they come from behind, in front, or the side, feel the power of these winds clearing all of your being.

These winds bring change, freshness, a new perspective.

And in this place or state of alignment, allow the change to be just that, change.

Stay here for a few moments just breathing, being.

Gently breathe back into your physical body in the now and notice how you feel. What is different? What is the same? No judging, just noticing. Know this is you as you are. Know that you can return to this whenever you need to.

In these busy times, be kind to yourself and others. As we hit the vernal equinox, feel the balance of dark and light and allow that balance into your whole being. And remember you are Light.