Where Things Meet

Edges. The ceiling at the wall, the silhouette of tree against sky, the air on my skin, the bird on water. There are edges everywhere I look. Some are sharp, some are softer and some I cannot quite find though I know they are there. Edges are often considered the separating point, the division of one thing from another. I like to look at edges as where things meet. This seems more fluid and flexible.

I’ve enjoyed practicing Reiki for more than 10 years now, but it was only a few years ago that it became a shining example of oneness for me. I had just finished reading Cyndi Dale’s book The Complete Book of Chakra Healing and Laurens, my cat, was suddenly limping. With my Reiki training I was taught the 7 chakra system. Cyndi uses the 12 chakra system and it resonates with me. Previously Laurens was very particular, like many animals humans included, about receiving energy work. I decided to give it a try. Dixie, my dog, came over to join us and everything shifted. What had started out as a 12 chakra Reiki session with Laurens, became an amped up level of energetic connection between the three of us. We were focused on Laurens and his limp, but we went beyond that and found a new balance for the three of us. In that moment there were no sharp edges between us. There were blurred meldings of Laurens, Dixie and me. While I had one hand on Laurens and one hand on Dixie and the edges of our physical bodies were clear, our energies were meeting and transforming. We were one and we still are.

When I take my walks I look at the individual leaves, the individual trees, the woods as a whole. I practice seeing the pieces and then the pieces as the whole. I am looking for where things meet. I am looking beyond the physical to the subtle energy level to see the softer edges. I am seeing that everything meets somewhere and all is one.


Wild Joy

A couple of nights ago, in the wee hours of the morning, I was gently pulled from dreams of clear night skies and a bonfire by the singing yips of a pack of coyotes very close by. As I lay in my bed in the dark and listened to the songs, I felt the wildness of the coyotes. It was a feeling deep inside my cells. Part of me was resonating with the tones of the coyotes. We were all vibrating together. It was magic. It was a rush, but the gentle kind that sweeps through you and lifts you up in a floaty way. It didn’t make me want to run outside and run with the coyotes. It made me smile from the inside. It made me content. This is the kind of feeling that I revel in and try to experience in full and then tuck it into my body somewhere, not just into the recesses of my mind. This is a feeling I want to be able to call on when I need it. Sometimes when I need something from my mind, it becomes a bit too much like housework to find whatever it is I’m searching for. I’m a very physical person and I’m very aware of my physical body. While I’ve found it is not always easier for me to find what I tuck into my body for keepsake, the task of finding that keepsake is one that makes more sense to me. Knowing what I can’t do is sometimes easier to figure out than what I can do. And knowing both is rather key to knowing myself.

The more I work with different multispecies families in finding a balance, the clearer I become on the different ways of saying what I’m doing. By bringing a human’s awareness to the energetic level of connection between humans and their other animal companions, I am helping to find a balance in the web of light that joins us all together. Quantum physicists can give you a scientific perspective on just this and they call it quantum entanglement. Just by being aware of this level of connection, there is a change in the balance. The nonhuman animals know when a human opens up to something new, and everyone can find a comfortable rhythm in this new place. Everyone can feel their way into a new balance.

Yesterday afternoon Laurens, my feline pal, let me know fairly clearly that he wanted me to go on a walk with him. So out the door we trooped. It was blustery with strong west winds bringing in cold air and the sun was slanting in from the west, too. As I set off down the path, Laurens sat down. So I went back to him and squatted down to talk to him. He immediately came over to head butt and body check me, his usual forms of communication with me. He had to take his time with all the smells on the wind, all the noises created by the wind, and listening for what the wind might be covering up–namely a creature out to eat him. This is the existence of a cat. Accordingly, I strolled a few feet and then stood and took in everything, waiting for him to tell me it was okay to keep moving. In this way, we got down to the dip between the cedars and there we stopped. This time to turn around after careful investigation by Laurens. On our way back up across the field, I got a little farther ahead of Laurens. I looked back and whistled for him, one of my usual forms of communication with him, and he came thundering up the path with his long hair flying. As he flew past me and we continued up the hill, a swelling grew in my heart. It was a physical link to the feeling of love I have for this cat of mine. And by “cat of mine” I mean we are connected so strongly that we are one. As he flew by, he sent me his joy and love of life straight from his heart to mine. That is what I felt. My heart grew from his joy and love. That, too, has been tucked into my physical body for future remembering.

The Power Of The Elements

A few years back I found a wonderful quartet of books: The Books of Pellinor by Alison Croggon. These books are amazing and I still go back to them regularly. When I read books I enter another dimension, whatever dimension that book happens to open for me. When I read these books, I went to a dimension that was in some ways new and in other ways familiar to me. Alison Croggon has characters who are Elementals and these beings resonate with me. My meditation practice consists of daily walks, usually the same few miles of roads. I walk under sun, clouds, in rain, snow, into wind and away from wind. I walk when a tank top and shorts are too many clothes and the air is so thick with humidity that I feel like I’m swimming rather than walking. I walk when my nose peeking out above my scarf freezes and my eyes water from the cold. I walk on pavement, dirt roads, grassy verges. My eyes have the silhouettes of the mountains imprinted in them. My feet know the earth cold, hot and in between. All these walks in all the different conditions have brought my awareness to the elements. Having been an Elemental somewhere along the way, knowing the powers and energies of the elements is a remembering for me. The elements are available for us to use in every day life. And I find that when I’m working with finding an interspecies balance, elements are a wonderful base to tune into and start from. Non-human animals are very elemental, and while there are times they may need some help with the elements, I find the humans need more help with the elements. We are each a unique blend of the elements and knowing that unique blend can go a long way to knowing your true purpose and knowing the divine. It can also help you find the connections that exist between you and other living beings whether your family members, a store clerk, the neighbor’s dog or the cardinal outside your window. And since most of us are not hermits, this is a valuable gift and tool. By slowly shifting perspective a whole new world opens up, and every day I acknowledge the elements within me and surrounding me and know we are all one.

The Owls Are Talking And I Am Listening

Last evening I stepped out on the deck after dark to listen for the owl I had just heard from inside the house. I was delightfully surprised to hear not one owl, but four great horned owls! I stood still staring up at the starry sky and listened with wonder to the owls. One pair sounded like a mated pair with the noted difference in pitch associated with a female, higher pitched, and a male, slightly lower pitched. There was not a notable difference in pitch with the other pair, so perhaps they were just stating their territory. Listening to these tones floating out into the darkness, sometimes overlapping, sometimes in sync, sometimes perfectly spaced out, was one of those moments outside time. A moment where I felt the calls enter my physical body and change me.

The sounds and sights of the world surrounding me are part and parcel of me. I am open to them and they do not just surround me, they move through me. I find that the soft shh shhh shh shhhshhshhhshsh of canada geese wings as they alight on the earth is a vibration that calms me. The way the melding colors of the sunrise play across my skin and slide into me is nourishment for my cells. The westerly breeze of a cold front tickles into my ears and is a song of freshness.

The owls remind me of the many dimensions that are within reach of this physical plane we exist on. And I am reaching for them now.

A New Year With New Rhythms

Lately I find new rhythms everywhere, from my physical pulses to the wing beats of birds. It’s a new year and while focusing my awareness on opening to infinite possibilities, everything is new. Just before the turn of the year I was thinking about 2013 and what the year would be for me and I realized it will be a year of richer colors and multiple dimensions. Only twelve days into this year and I am already experiencing richer colors and multiple dimensions. I’m feeling good about 2013!

With my work (a quick aside–while work has many negative connotations in today’s world, I think of the meaning as an act, action or process) every session is new. Even if  I use the same or similar tools from my energy toolkit, I’m constantly learning from the 4-leggeds and 2-leggeds alike. There is no way to repeat anything when you bring time into the picture, but even without time, patterns are always on the move. Whether assisting a 4-legged, and the rest of that interspecies family, with the transition from the physical plane to new realms, or sharing with a 2-legged the experience of the energetic connection that exists between all living beings, there is wonder that I am here doing this. I sense changes occurring on the level of light and vibration and I continue to learn how this relates to the physical plane. One thing I do know for sure, magic is the here and now.