The Force of Gratitude

While our world is large, we are growing ever closer. No longer is physical travel the way to get from one place to another, there is real time video calling. And for many of us, astral travel or remote viewing is becoming a part of our existence, too. As we grow closer, I find that we can affect change at ever faster rates. Lately I’ve been focusing for at least a few minutes each day on being grateful. I try to start my day by thinking of something new for which I am grateful. I can actually feel the patterns in my brain changing after a few weeks of this. There is a new rhythm in the pulses in my nervous system. There is a new vibration in my upper chakras. And in the last week, all sorts of awesomeness has occurred. With this intention to be in a space of gratitude, has come a deeper trust in the divine. And with this trust in source, miracles shine around me. It’s as if they have always been there, but my eyes have now opened to a new dimension and the miracles are clear, not just a shimmer of hope at the edge of my vision. Miracles of healing for an older dog who is finding her way toward the transition from the physical realm on to new realms. Miracles of a client cancelling, only to get another client more in line with my new services (my business is in transition from hands-on to energy work). Miracles of my friend Lisa sharing this humble blog with the multitudes of her followers on her wonderful blog. So, on this blue-sky-sunny-warm-February morning in Virginia, I am grateful for the love that is. And whether you have just found me on the interwebs or have been following me, thank you for visiting and I am grateful for your presence.



There is much in our brains, mostly fueled by our culture and society, that is divisive. We are separated by sex and gender, by skin color, by age, by loyalty whether it be to a religion or a nation. This list could go on and on, but I’d rather focus on the unity. There are plenty of times I feel alone in this world, but I have come to a new way of being that allows me to shift perspectives quickly. Shifting perspectives provides me with a way of being in the moment and of the moment, a sort of timeless existence. With each breath, each blink, I am new. With each breath, each heartbeat, I am.

And what am I? The question of the ages. I am separate in the physical plane, but there is so much more than the physical plane. I share the same general characteristics with all the other humans, which are not that different from all the other animals here on this planet. And ultimately I share the energetic makeup of the elements just like everything else that is here in this world now as we know it. All of this means that while we are here in separate forms, we are all allies.

Just take a breath, feel your heartbeat, feel the pulse of blood in your arteries, blink, and sink into your heart-space. Here in the center of our beings is the connecting point. The connection to each other, to the source, to all that is. It is the unity point. It is where we can become aware that we are one. Even when I think I am doing something by myself, I am just one tiny wave of light shining brightly amidst all the other waves of light that are the divine. It is the brain, the thoughts therein, that create the veil and thus divide us. But with each step I take, we all step, with each rise of an ocean wave, we all rise. Even the falls, be they into a hole of literal or emotional proportions, are falls we all take. Only to rise again with the take off of an vulture rising into the sky.

It is a remembering, this knowing of oneness. I am one with the clouds, the stars, the birds, the trees, you. All is one and one is.

Red Messages

There are times that I ask for help with an issue and start seeing messages everywhere. And then there are times that I have not asked for any assistance from the divine, yet still notice that there are messages everywhere. Many of my messages appear in some form in the natural world, though there are plenty of times when I am reading a book and some word, phrase or entire sentence will jump out at me. Just today I have had repeated messages from the birds. While in the kitchen this morning, I looked out the window and saw the first red-winged blackbirds of the season. (They will come in waves now in mixed flocks with starlings and grackles all so shiny and black.) And while watching the red-winged blackbirds feeding on the ground, movement on a branch caught my eye and there was the red-breasted nuthatch. There was a tickle at the back of my mind–red. A little later in the morning I headed out into the cold, windy, blue sky day for my walk. I was focusing on placing each foot and being the bird on the wind. And I was listening to the sounds of a windy day: the roar of the tall trees on the ridges, the scraping and whining of the branches rubbing against each other, the crows in the distance, the startled mourning doves fluttering off. And then a red-shouldered hawk flew up behind me and landed on a branch in the field. As I watched the hawk settle on the branch, I heard the red-headed woodpeckers chittering in the oaks. No longer was there a tickle, the pieces fell into place.

In this case red is the marker color and the part of the body where the red appears shows the chakra for my attention. The names of the birds in this instance even tell where the red is. The wings are the arms of a bird, and arms correspond with the heart chakra. Thus, the blackbird is about the heart chakra. The breast of the nuthatch again points to the heart chakra. The shoulders of the hawk again correspond with the heart chakra. But the woodpecker has a red head which is actually the location of two chakras, the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. Red itself is also important as it is the color of the root chakra. So with all theses pieces of the message put together, my feathered friends have been telling me today to focus on my heart chakra and open to the information that appears (third eye and crown chakras) all while being present in my physical body (root chakra). (This is a bit simplified as there are levels of this message that will open to me as I focus on these chakras which I will do in meditation.) All of this is almost circular in that I was open to the information that appeared and thus got this message which just makes me smile. I tend to ask my guides for messages that are straightforward and hard to miss, and I am grateful that is what I get.


A chilly morning walk today with high, flat clouds, and a hint of February sunrise. The fields are a pale buff orange, a little paler when the sun is hiding. There is still some snow on the mountains, and the faint shadows today give the mountains strong textures for an overcast day. Seeing layers everywhere these days, I am finding that there are layers of the layers. Layers of colors, textures, sights, sounds. Layers of thoughts, feelings, dimensions, realms. And the fox has appeared a few times lately. The fox often has to do with the magic of camouflage, invisibility and shapeshifting which is really just more layers. My eyes find the hawks who blend into the trees. My feet find the steps that carry me from this plane to other planes and back again. My heart finds the beats that bring comfort and joy.

And this morning, while stopping to enjoy the pond environs, who should come loping along the edge of the pond? The coyote, the wise fool. She did not stand out with her tawny coat against the frosty field. With her long legs, she moved at a steady pace. Not that different than a fox in some ways, but just with that movement, my eyes knew her to be a coyote. Foxes at that pace glide. Coyotes definitely have an extra bit of movement to make it a looser lope. So, from camouflage to play, the fox to the coyote. And again, layers. I see layers in the camouflage on the physical level. I see layers of wisdom on the level of meaning. And all the while I’m walking, my feet are taking me from realm to realm so that I may receive the wisdom of the animals and walk it back into this realm and share it with others.

Our families are often multispecies families in today’s world. And as the planetary consciousness shift is occurring, these multispecies families assist in a big way. Living with another species, or two or three, opens our minds to new ways of thinking and our hearts to new ways of knowing and loving. As we transition into living from the heart, we have the support of the other beings on this planet: the trees, grasses, lichens, the birds, whales, shrimp to name a few. And most closely, we have the support and assistance of those other species we welcome into our families: the dogs, cats, horses, rodents…And the list could go on for those species that we have chosen as members of our families (or who have chosen us, as is more often the case). As I work with humans and other species alike, I find that the work is an exchange of energy that lifts all of us involved to a higher vibration. I feel like shifting vibrations is peeling away a layer and tuning in to the divine vibration. See? I really am seeing layers everywhere.

So I thank you fox and coyote for allowing me a glimpse of the interconnectedness of the layers this morning. And I will keep on walking and finding the layers.


For a long time now birds have been an integral part of my existence. I see and hear birds everywhere I go and they are with me in my dreams and meditations. While I have learned plenty about them from ornithologists and books, much of what I know about them is a knowing that is beyond traditional learning. It is a universal consciousness knowing, a knowing from the birds themselves. A typical day for me includes at least 20 different varieties of birds. Many are birds I see every day, but there are plenty of others who appear as they are either migrating or just stopping by for a visit. While I do live in a rather rural area these days, even when I lived in the city there were birds everywhere I went.

While there are many messages and meanings for specific birds, my relationship with birds is one that goes beyond the messages and meanings. With each meeep, whistle, flit, and whhoosh of wings I am refreshed, renewed, healed. They teach me about awareness of surroundings, how to be one with the elements, what economy of motion looks like. They present me with colors, shapes, sounds, movements that shift perspective in an instant. I listen to the feathers of the wings moving the air as they fly and notice that they are not the same. Like we, as humans, have different footsteps, so do birds have different wing beat songs. And for all the differences I notice, the essence of bird is the one that soaks into me the deepest. And that essence is one that bolsters my spirit when I need it whether by bringing me out of my brain and into my connection with the elements or by sprinkling my eyes with colors that renew.

I am a nature based human and as such I spend a lot of time with the plants, animals, elements and planets. I open to the wisdom of the natural world and wonders abound. My relationship with birds is an open, ever changing one. In a meditation recently I opened the back side of my heart chakra with my focus on my guides and I was instantly covered in birds. I became a new type of being. I still have not learned all that I can from this experience, but what I do know is that the birds have my back in ways I have yet to even imagine.

Winds and Birds

I awoke this morning to a light dusting of snow. And the winds that have been visiting for the last few days are still present with their loud voices. They are busy tossing the powdery snow in the air so that it sparkles in the sunlight. And they are busy roaring above the trees and whistling through the boxwoods. Walking in these big winds is hard, but I find that it actually helps me stay grounded. I have to firmly plant my feet whether I want to stand still or actually move. The winds blow, blow, and then gust really hard in a rhythm hard to catch. With each step I don’t know how much to brace myself, so my connection to my body must be full and the connection my body has with the earth must be complete as well.

I am in awe of my feathered friends as they move on, in and through these winds. From carolina chickadees to mourning doves to mallard ducks to turkey vultures, they are all amazing. I watch birds crack open a seed while balanced on a branch swaying in the wind. I see birds turn on and in the winds as they prepare to land on the water. The ability to be one with the wind while still maintaining their course is astounding and something to which I aspire. Moving through the world fully in my physical body, aware of the essence of each of the elements (water, air, earth, fire, wood, metal, stone, light, ether, star) that is within me, I know on a different level. Open to all my senses, beyond the physical five, I experience being in a whole new way. I am the bird on wing.