Elements within Us

I do not just work with other people and their nonhuman animal friends. I spend plenty of time working with my own energies. While it is certainly wonderful practice, it is also a necessity for me and my own spiritual growth. Whether I am opening to new experiences of the divine or focusing on something specific, there is always plenty to learn. One of my favorite ways of finding a balance especially when the physical body is the focus, is to use the elements. As I have written here before, we are each made up of a unique blend of the elements. Knowing the gifts each element provides, allows endless healing possibilities. For me healing is about acknowledging and accepting wholeness in the now. I try not to come from the dualistic perspective of find a problem and fix it. I find that is a limiting way of seeing things. Instead, I work with awareness of the now and move toward shifting patterns, even in tiny ways, to allow a balance that is more in line with the true me or really the divine. For a simple example, if I have a muscle that is sore from overexertion, I call on water and wind to clear, cleanse and cool the area. Then, I call on earth, wood and stone to rebuild anything that needs rebuilding. Using these elements I am allowing that of which I am made to rebalance. Having worked with the elements for some time now, I can feel the elements shifting on a cellular, sometimes even smaller than that, level. Each element has a different feel to it, different weight, brightness, speed.

I am more than my physical body. I have more resources than just those provided by my physical body and my brain. The divine is within me. I am of the divine. Asking for guidance and assistance is more than just asking. It is also opening and receiving. And both the opening and the receiving are never-ending. Remembering that we are co-creators, awareness of the now is an important step in this entire process. By using the elements for help in healing, I am opening to resources beyond the physical. I am reaching out to the web of elements and drawing strands of that web over to the web of the physical. I am making a stronger web. In the interconnectedness of all that is, I sense these amazing webs of light. I find that weaving and reweaving these webs provides stronger support, thus providing a different sense of balance.


Spring Snow or Moving from Patience to Acceptance

When I was little, my parents often called me RightNowBain, a good indication that I was impatient. Years later I am bigger and a bit less impatient, but it certainly hasn’t been easy. There are times when the universe keeps throwing things in my face because I keep missing them. My impatience is one of those things thrown in my face over and over again. By no means am I perfect, I’ve just actually managed to learned some of the lessons I’ve been given and patience is something of which I now have a better grasp.

The more I have focused on living in the moment, the more I have realized that time is a figment of the imagination. All is one and all happens at once. For me, this means I have leapt into the flow of grace that is the divine. I trust that opening to the gifts of the divine that make me me, will allow me a role as co-creator, with love as the common denominator, to flourish in this amazing experience of being a human on Earth. Knowing that I am of the divine, allows me to let go of worries and just be. As co-creator of my existence I have power to choose. And I understand that there are choices my soul made before entering this human experience that I have yet to remember if I ever will.

Let’s take a little foray into the world of etymology, shall we? (Please excuse mistakes, this is really just my attempt at some etymology.) A brief look at the root of the word patience takes us to the Latin pati which means to suffer or to endure. Suffering is not my focus. Instead I choose to focus on acceptance. Acceptance comes from the Latin acceptare which means to receive or to take. Receiving or taking shifts the vibration to one with which I prefer to resonate. I choose to take or receive that which is. I choose to turn toward the power of choice. I choose to turn toward all is one. I choose to turn toward the divine.

At the moment here on this part of Earth, it is officially spring. Often that means that we have sunshine, warmer temperatures, wind. And if there is precipitation it tends to be in the form of rain due to those warmer temperatures. This year we have sunshine and wind, but so far the temperatures are not that warm and the precipitation has been some of the frozen types. The weather is something I love to talk about and observe. I am aware I have no immediate control over it. It just is. Long ago I chose to turn away from enduring the weather and turn toward receiving it. I enjoy each day as it is and I continue to be fascinated by the intricacies of the weather. I open to the gifts of the weather each day, a close communing with the elements. I choose to vibrate with acceptance.

Fire of Spring

Lately the element of fire has been popping up everywhere for me, from neighbors burning brush to quotes about fire on facebook. Fire is the element of heat and passion. It can be slow or fast. It can rise tall or be embers. The typical colors associated with fire are orange, red and yellow, but all the colors can be seen in fire. There is a strength in fire that we can draw upon, an excitement and an illumination.

At the moment, I see myself here in spring as a tree with my sap rising, but my sap is the element fire. It is burning away any and everything that is not mine, that is no longer beneficial to me. It is igniting a new sense of wonder, a new me here in this new life as I experience the excitement of being human. I can ride the flames of fire in the physical and beyond. Star, made of fire and light, is one of my major elements. I reach into my star essence and feel the burn of fire. I feel the burn of passion for life, joy, love. So this season of spring is a metaphorical season for me as well, as I spring forth into each moment with fire feeding my existence. New, new and new again with each breath, each blink, each pulse of fire in my veins.

The Gifts of the Vulture

Here on this part of Earth it’s almost spring and there are lots of animals on the move whether they are in mating season or already nesting or feeding young. And in this part of the world, there are many humans. In this day and age, humans around means roads and cars. All of this adds up to opossums, raccoons, squirrels, birds of many varieties, foxes, even deer who end up hit by cars, their bodies left on or by the side of the road. Where there are dead bodies, there are vultures, the carrion eaters of the world. Here we have turkey vultures and black vultures. Both are magnificent creatures with giant wingspans and featherless heads. They walk about rather well for birds of such size and have a call that is like a raspy dog bark. When Dixie, my dog pal, and I are walking and come upon some vultures by their meal, there is always a fascinating interplay of ancient history. Vultures are old birds in the greater scheme of things. Dixie, canine descended from wolves, starts reading the air by nose. And her eyes are focused on any movement. Vultures tend to walk-hop a short distance away as we are heading toward them, then once we’re closer they may use their wings to move a little farther away or actually fly off. And somewhere in this dance, the vultures often make this bark sound. I will never forget the first time Dixie was close to a vulture and the vulture barked. Here is a creature dog sized even if not particularly dog shaped making a dog sound. Dixie paused and tilted her head and just soaked in information. Even years later, they are still just as interesting when they bark. It’s as though they are speaking a language that sounds just like dog, but somehow isn’t. It makes me wonder if they could understand each other with just a slight tilt of reality as we know it. I believe it’s Claude Swanson who theorizes that our reality is like a tissue thin piece of paper in a giant stack of tissue thin pieces of paper of other realities. All these realities are very close and perhaps even easily accessible. For all I know, Dixie is accessing another reality with that head tilt of her’s.

While vultures are commonly thought of as symbols of death, they are really much stronger symbols of cycles and rebirth. They do not kill their food, they eat what has already been killed so they are not even that close to the act of death. They are recyclers. They take the dead and transform it into energy to sustain their own lives. We humans could learn a lot from them. From their ability to soar for long periods of time on whatever winds appear, to their ability to maintain their place in the cosmos via a spiraling of cycles of rebirth. Watching a vulture take off from the ground with powerful wing flaps shoving the air out of the way for lift off is amazing. Watching them tearing into their meal with sharp beaks while balancing their large bodies on their two feet is amazing. And watching them soaring and soaring and soaring, I can watch them for hours. They teach me the wisdom of creation when I see them eat. They teach me grace when I see them lift off the earth. They teach me to soar on the winds that are available to me now. And they take me to distant realms in the beats of their wings. For I believe there are peeks into other dimensions in the wingbeats of birds. So when I see vultures on wing, standing tall in old snags, or hunkered down by a meal, I greet them and thank them for their gifts.

Mid March Special!

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The Turning of the Season

Last week was one of those weeks where opening to the moment and all that it has to offer was key. Here on this part of Earth we had a March snowstorm. While it is not an every March occurrence, it does occasionally happen. And 11 inches of wet snow changes more than just the landscape. The mountains I look at every day got over two feet and so I will enjoy white mountains for quite a long while even with the mild temperatures of March in Virginia. The branches of evergreens and deciduous alike had trouble withstanding the weight of all that snow and many fell, knocking out power lines. But a few days without power, which means no well pump so no water out here in the country, allows a lull in time. And at this turning of the season, a bubble in time is a gift. It allows a check-in with my body, physical and energetic, that can be a little deeper than the everyday allows. And a check-in with my body means a check-in with the natural world that makes me who I am. The quiet of a snowstorm does not always end with the end of the snowfall. If there is enough snow, there are no cars out on the roads. And if the power is out, there are no electrical hums. Instead, there are the sounds wind brings: whispers of hemlock needles, shushes of boxwood branches with a rhythm gradually increasing as their load is lightened from the snow blowing off, tops of maple trees roaring as they swing to and fro. There are birds out searching for food everywhere. There are deer munching on the buds of fallen branches, branches that were far out of reach overhead before the storm. And with warm temperatures there is the constant drip of melting snow accompanying the sigh of contentment from the Earth as she soaks up the moisture.

As we spin toward the sun each day, we are following our circuit in the galaxy which at this time of year on this part of Earth, brings us more light each day. And with more light, the rhythms of my body pick up like a symphony moving from adagio to minuet. I feel the support of the elements shifting with me and I am buoyed up by them. I am flying into spring. Spring, where the colors are brighter, there is new life both plant and animal, and joy pulses from the Earth’s heartbeat.


I don’t remember when I first became aware of the fascinating way I create a map in other dimensions when I’m given directions to a place. If the directions say to turn left at the gas station, inside of me I feel a space that I move through as I create my way to this place. I feel the distance and turning in relation to my bodies, both physical and energetic. I travel in space to the place I will be going on the physical plane. Even if it’s a place I’ve never been, when I actually go there in the physical plane, it’s a revisiting because I’ve already traveled there via other paths. I am spatial. (Special, too, but aren’t we all?) I love this way of being!

As one with spatial knowing, I have noticed that finding new directions or coming at things from different directions is a way of grasping the complete picture. Whether I am approaching something concrete and physical or more abstract (just as real and important) like a mental or emotional concept or even something on the subtle energy level, spatial awareness helps me know that thing in a whole way. While visual, auditory, and kinesthetic awareness get more attention in this sight and sound focused physical world, spatial awareness is not a part of the common dialogue. The more I learn about myself, the more I learn about the universe. The more I learn about the universe, the more I learn about myself. Even this for me is spatial. In this plane of existence, space is mostly thought of as what’s between us; it’s what separates us. But, I think it’s more than that. It’s the medium I use when I’m relating myself to other. It is even the medium that I use when I delve into oneness.

When I’m working with more than one being, say a human and a dog, I get a spatial sense of their connection. I sense the beams of light that connect us all at heart level. I don’t see images or hear sounds or words that show this connection. I feel blurred edges of the beam, different colors, the strength of the light. I feel how the energy bodies and physical bodies of the two beings are relating in space. I feel the rough spots, the smooth spots, the gaps, the meshing of bodies. It’s a spatial perspective. And all the while I’m focusing on this connection, I’m coming at it from all directions. I’m opening to new information and new ways of receiving that information with each breath.

These examples of spatial awareness are just the tip of the iceberg. As with so much learning and knowing, there are new levels appearing as we are ready for them. So, too, is spatial awareness an ever-unfolding way of experiencing this world.

Please feel free to share any of your spatial experiences in the comments.