Late May Light

The days are longer with mornings starting early and evenings stretching out. It’s late May, so we’re still a few weeks away from the longest day of the year in this hemisphere. I can feel the energy building all around me. From the nests full of fledglings to the spiders with webs filling up with meals. From the honeysuckle blooming to the leaves still unfurling on the sycamores.

Light. We all need light. With the turning of the seasons and the rhythms of the cycles that go along with the seasons, there is always growth. Growth does not stop even with the waning of the light. And in this season, in these cycles, growth is in full swing. Yet, death is always present and is not in and of itself a darkness. It is an important piece of the weaving that is our energetic existence. It is the pause between one strand of the weaving and the next. It is the lull between the exhalation and the inhalation. It is an arc of the circle. Even in this season of growth, the cycles continue with life, death, and rebirth, small circles within the bigger ones.

In this season, I find that I have to remind myself to breathe and move at my own pace, not to get lost in the upswing of the light. Sometimes my pace is a fast dance and sometimes it’s just breathing. Tuning into my own rhythms allows me to receive from the elements and the life flow that which is most beneficial for me. If I’m not grounded, centered, and moving at my own pace, opening to the support of the season will not be a smooth connection. It can actually be a jarring experience. Knowing my song, allows me to find those songs that harmonize with me, rather than those that make it even harder for me to sing my song. There are birds all around singing their songs, and they inspire me to find my own song each day. It is an everyday practice, finding my song. And my morning walks give me the space for that practice. I focus on the vibrations that surround me and ripple into me. And I reach deep inside for my song and I sing the day in as I walk toward the solstice.


The Feathered Ones

It’s been a low clouds, misty few days with the temperatures hovering in the low 60s. The cicadas are emerging and their chirrrring is building each day. With the rain we’ve had recently, the plant life is exploding with growth, so it’s green everywhere. And the birds are busy, busy, busy. I have two red-shouldered hawk’s nests that I’ve been watching. The chicks stand on the side of the nest now and their wing feathers look like wing feathers. No longer just downy balls of fluff, they are growing fast. Red-shouldered hawks are more vocal than some hawks, keee-keee-keeeing the day away sometimes. If they are nesting, they are vocal about anyone coming into their territory and spend a lot of time calling warnings. Yesterday the crows had been cawing off and on for hours in the woods and field at the house. And the red-shouldered hawks were keee-keee-keeeing even more than the crows were squawking. I stepped outside every once in a while to try to see what was happening, but most of the activity was in the woods with only occasional passes over the field. And when there was a pass over the field it was in a spot I couldn’t see from wherever I happened to be. Finally in the middle of the afternoon I saw a crow swoop over a tree in the middle of the field. And then swoop again. I scurried out the back door to tiptoe down the yard so I could actually see that tree. And there on a dead branch was the bald eagle.

They are giant birds. If I’m standing as tall and straight as I can, I might hit 5’8” which means my arm span is about the same. A bald eagle’s body is anywhere from 28” to 37” long and their wingspan is typically 6’ to 7’. That is a REALLY big bird. With a white head and white tail, brown body and wings, and yellow beak and legs, they are stunning to see. Their eyes do not miss a thing. I stood still and just soaked in everything I could. From the sheer size, to the amazing balance. From the rich markings, to the power I could feel from 100’ away. I opened all my senses and greeted the bald eagle from my heart.

I do not have memories of a life as a bird. In my recurring flying dreams I am a human with the ability to fly by swimming through the air. But in this life, I have a close connection to all the feathered ones. And I know they have many messages and lessons for me. I do not always consciously know what the messages or lessons may be at the moment I am with the bird who is sharing with me, but I receive them all the same. I am changed just by being in the presence of the birds. Knowing they are always a support for me and guides I may call on, provides me with a base from which I can grow in all dimensions.

Bald eagles often bring messages of creativity and spiritual growth, as well as awakening the knowledge of traveling between the realms, among many other messages. I have found over the years that birds have been appearing for me, that trying to figure out the exact message or lesson that each bird brings is not the important part. Just opening to the true essence of each bird’s being is what’s important. Perspective is one of the life lessons birds have taught me. A tiny shift can make a big difference in what you get out of an experience. Whether it is a shift of physical direction or mental direction, a shift of focus from near to far, a shift from seeing to listening, there is always more.

This morning, there was again a great ruckus outside. I went out to investigate and there in a locust tree was the red-shouldered hawk fussing at the bald eagle in the adjacent locust tree. Bald eagle magic again today! I feel such a surge of joy when a feathered friend greets me. Keep an eye out and see what feathered ones bring you messages today. Smile, greet them and open to their wisdom.

Water, Water Everywhere

The last few days have been very wet where I reside here on this planet. Over 3 inches of rain have fallen, with most of that falling in a 48 hour span. It was already a green spring and now the lushness has exploded. I love to put on my Wellies and raincoat and go walking in the rain with Dixie. I’ve gotten to do that in the last few days, careful to avoid walking in the thunderstorms. Sometimes the clouds are high and sometimes they are dark and low. Sometimes the rain is a fine mist and sometimes it falls in great sheets. I feel like I’m swimming when I am slopping through puddles, breathing such moist air, and have water running down my body.

In my intuitive energy practice I frequently use the elements with all their healing properties. When I work with water, I am often using its cleansing and cooling aspects. I find that many people grasp these aspects of water easily, enjoy using water this way and tuck this into their tool belts for later use on their own. For others, the concept of using water this way is harder to grasp. I often suggest that they practice while actually in water, whether a shower, bath or a swim somewhere. But for the strongest connection to water, go straight out to water in its natural setting. A creek, pond, waterfall, ocean, or a rain shower. We don’t all have access to bodies of water, but most of us have access to rain showers somewhere along the way. Just stand in the rain, turn your face to the sky and bring your awareness to where the water is touching you, your forehead, lips, shoulders, feet. Notice what the water feels like on your body. Notice where the water runs across your skin. Notice what it smells like, what it tastes like. Notice all the sounds of a rain shower. Notice the movement of water and how it is never completely still. Notice the clarity, even with a sheet of rain falling in front of you, you can still see through it. I use water to cleanse and cool when there are physical, emotional, mental, and energetic imbalances. And while rainy days can seem dreary, that is just one way of looking at them. With a gentle turn of the mind, a rainy day becomes a gift. A rainy day is a day of cleansing. Just as the pollen and dirt are washed away in the physical world, so is the stuff I’ve picked up that’s not mine, stuff that’s not beneficial to me. I open to the gifts of water and I am refreshed. I am new.