Summer Solstice Blessing

On this day of long hours of light, I remember just who I am, and I share with you this blessing.

I call on the blessings of the deer and the herons,
the hawks and the foxes,
the fireflies and the whip-poor-wills.
I call on the spiders who weave the light,
the turtles who carry the story,
the whales who sing the song.
I call on the wind, the water, the fire, the earth,
the wood, the stone, the metal,
the ether, the light, the star.
I call on the power of the great circle.
I call on the power of Light,
the One we are,
the All.
May we find our home in knowing we are Light.


Insightful Suggestions

My dear friend over at the enchanted mermaid posted this today. Whether you are just getting interested in intuitive work or have been exploring it for a bit already, the enchanted mermaid offers you some important guidance. Enjoy!

Poem for the Day

orange oriole flashing by
brings bright colors
lovely tunes
and summer weaving magic
as he flies
he radiates fresh new life
and I send my worries off
on the breeze he creates
let them unravel from my weaving
threads to be picked up by joy
and rewoven into me
the new summer me