Autumn: journey into dark

The Autumnal Equinox occurred yesterday and it is now officially autumn here in the northern hemisphere. We are halfway between the longest day of light and the shortest day of light. And light being what we are, it is on my mind–a lot. The world as we know it these days is very much a world of dualities. But these dualities are just part of the illusion of separation from the divine. My walking meditation is firmly rooted in union. With each step I merge with the earth. With each breath I become air. The boundaries of skin and bone, body and mind vanish as I am no more. Becoming aware of this oneness, I lose myself. Or really, the I that I am becomes the All that I am. I am found–within the divine, of the divine.

As the amount of light each day slides away, the darkness presses firmly in on both ends of the day. One of my favorite times is actually that window where the earth is just turning toward the sun or just turning away from the sun–sunrise and sunset. There’s a lull of time with the dawn and the gloaming. It’s light but not light, dark but not dark. It’s a floating of light and dark. And for me these times are the reminders that if all is light, then dark is light, too. Dark is but an aspect of light, just as colors are aspects of light. While this may be simplifying things, it is the easiest way to bring it into awareness.

I normally walk in the early morning and on sunny days I notice all the shadows. Shadows of trees, birds flying overhead, my body. I love it when I walk the fence shadows like train tracks. And sometimes it’s my shadow walking the fences. Stepping into the shadow world is not dark. It’s just a shift of perspective, kind of like looking at film negatives. And I find on my walks when I join with the earth, the air, the colors, that occasionally I am in the dark. As I walk in this darkness, there is no I. And even in this darkness, there is still only light.

With months to go until the shortest day of light, many walks stretch out before me. There are many shadows to merge with, many colors to become. And I will journey into the dark, knowing there is only light.



Finding the Light

Where has the summer gone? I’ve spent as much time as possible outside this summer and loved it. I hope you have, too! Summer is not officially over, but the drastic drop in minutes of daylight over August is certainly being felt here in Virginia. Several themes kept popping up for me over the summer and I thought to share them here.

According to quantum physics everything is energy. And energy is information that moves. Experiencing the world from that perspective, I find that the key is more than just opening to the information that is everywhere around me. From the color of the tree in front of me or the t-shirt I’m wearing, to the feel of the air on my skin, I open to the information. While opening to the information is a good practice, I found fully receiving the information to be the true practice. So instead of just focusing on what my senses were able to discover from all the information that is everything, I found myself focusing on receiving that information from the center of my heart. This is a different experience altogether. It is an energetic reception and changes everything.

This has been a sparkly spider web summer, and spiders and their webs are dear to my heart. Spiders are traditionally seen as weavers of our fates and are muses for story telling and word creativity. I find the spider web to be just as important as the spider. Spider webs are not always noticed. If the light shines just right or the dew is heavy on the web, then they are hard to miss. But there are plenty of times we walk right through the webs, never having seen them until they are stretched across our faces, necks, arms. For me, spider webs are reminders that just because you don’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there. I consider spider webs to be portals to other realms. They are just one type of portal, but they are extremely accessible portals. They are everywhere! And knowing there are so many portals to other realms, means there are always other beings close by when I need help or companionship or want to learn something. And being aware of these portals, means that I’m open to other beings who may need my help at some point, too.

Pain is perhaps the loudest way for our physical bodies to get a message across to our minds and/or hearts. Whether it is receiving the message that pain is bringing or receiving the message from another realm that the spider webs have opened for you, receive the information from the center of your heart and there is a rippling as you receive it energetically and shift as a result. And from this place in your heart you always shine the light that is you, the light that is the divine, the light that is all. Here in Virginia, as the daylight slims, the slant of light is sharper. With that slant, comes the long shadows and the colors at daybreak and nightfall that blur, shift, slide across the mountains and sky seemingly endlessly. And as the dark increases, finding the light can be more difficult. So, breathe into your connection to the earth, breathe open your heart to receive the information of this world, and shine the light that is ever present, the light that is all.