Sliding Out of Sync…and Getting Back

I don’t know what it is about some mornings, but I wake up and everything feels good, in sync…then as I’m going about my business, somewhere along the way, suddenly everything is not feeling good. There’s an irritation, annoyance, frustration, fear that has pushed in and taken over. And sometimes it’s the combination of little bits that are not love that join together to push me out of the love vibration: thought by thought, feeling by feeling. And it’s hard to be kind to myself, recognize whatever non-love bit it is that is now the over-riding presence, and move back to love. Love for self, love for all, love that is the All. And so, I forgive myself for any thoughts of blame, I forgive myself for the fear, I forgive myself for forgetting the All. I breathe into my heart, feel the presence of the angels and my guides, and am love.


May you remember you are Love.



Honoring the Divine in All Your Surroundings

Yesterday I had a conversation where the other person was talking about different animals and how smart or dumb they are…which led me to share this insight. As humans so many of us are only aware of the world from the perspective that humans are the best. Period. And that is not only a limiting view, it is very much about separation. I come from the perspective that each species here on this planet has a key role in the existence and survival of this whole organism of Gaia. We are here to be frogs, trees, lichen, preying mantises, whales, bacteria, etc. And acknowledging, respecting, and honoring each bit who/that makes up Gaia is not just about inclusion versus exclusion. It’s about being one. We are all Gaia. So while chickens are very smart…according to the human view of smart: able to do things like humans…is that the perspective we want to choose? Or do we want to choose to recognize the illusion of separation is just that, an illusion? With each breath, honor the divine in all that surrounds you, and slip into that space where edges are arbitrary lines that serve only to note the illusion, that space where you are no longer anyone but all of Gaia and beyond. I am not an ambassador to humans from the other animals, I am an ambassador of remembering what you know deep within you, the Lovelight of the All is all there is.