Hello and welcome to my blog. This is where I share my musings on the journey that is life. I delve into the gifts our fellow animals and the rest of the natural world share with us, the mindfulness exercises I practice, and more. Please check out my Services to see what I have to offer.

Elizabeth’s sensitive awareness of animal companions and connection to the natural world supports clients in deepening their own sensitivities.”  L.K.

I have practiced body work and energy work for over 12 years working with animals of all sorts including humans, dogs, cats, horses, and birds. As an Intuitive Energy Guide, I use guided meditation, dialogue, and hands-on work to assist you in finding a balance in the now. My work can be one on one, in a family or group dynamic, single species or multispecies. By bringing awareness to and working via the subtle energy connections between beings (even between beings and nonbeings such as a house or job), shifts can occur in all dimensions opening new levels of communication, understanding, and healing.

Elizabeth Bain


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