Elizabeth Bain, Intuitive Energy Guide
Together, through the use of guided meditation and dialogue, we will explore the energetic patterns in your whole being. We will work with the connecting lines between you and all in your world. Just by bringing our awareness to these connections on the subtle energy level, we can affect change on both the subtle and physical levels. We will penetrate to the source of energy patterns and create change when and where it is beneficial.

Sessions for Humans

Starting point: if you’re interested but not sure where to even start, check out the two 30 minute sessions described below and see if one feels right for you. If you’re still not sure or have any questions, email me and we’ll figure out the best place for you to start.

Elemental Structure30 minutes
Do you feel ungrounded, out of sync? Are you looking for support on any level?
Join me for a guided meditation and feel each element within you, discover your major and minor elements, and feel their support.

I did the elemental meditation with Elizabeth and recognized which elements are strengths for me. This has helped me with settling myself when responding to my children and to stresses in my life.” –K.L.

Vision/Perspective Clearing30 minutes
Are you looking for clarity or a new perspective?
Join me for a guided meditation and explore your vision in new ways, clear old patterns, and find new perspectives.

“There are three primary things I gained from my session with Elizabeth: 1) trust myself, others, the world; 2) perspective long and immediate, emotional and physical; 3) ask spiritual guides/angels for help when I need it.” –C.P.

Sessions for the Multispecies Household

Family Balance–30 or 60 minutes depending on the situation

Lost a family member or added one? Moving, renovating? Been awhile since everyone has felt solidly connected? Through dialogue and guided meditation we will reconnect all members of the family, clear lines of connection and communication, and find a new balance for the family as a whole.

Supporting a Being in Transition–60 minutes

When your nonhuman companion is leaving the physical plane, I will tune in for support in the transition. If there are any messages, in words or beyond words, that need to be transmitted, I will assist in their delivery. These sessions are unique experiences. Typically there are transformational aspects that resonate with the humans remaining in the physical plane.

Ideas of what sessions can be about:
set intentions and/or manifest
create new patterns (for example: in the physical body, in daily life, in the emotional body, etc.)

find new balance in any relationship (whether with another being or a business or hobby or an aspect of yourself)

Sessions are usually done by phone and are 30 or 60 minutes.
Payment is due at the time of the session and is made by check or via paypal.

Cancellations less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment will be charged a fee.

30 minute session: $50
60 minute session: $90

Please email me elizabethbain11 [at] gmail [dot] com to set up a session. (Email is in this format to limit spam.)

Disclaimer: This is in no way a replacement for medical or counseling help should that be what you are looking for. This is not about finding problems and fixing them. My focus is on the whole being, the connections across species between whole beings, and on helping you to find the whole you to see what information shows up.


2 thoughts on “Services

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  2. I have benefitted greatly from Elizabeth’s support with my injured cat. Not only did she let me provide her with the care she needed we really bonded again and she forgave me for thinking she needed another cat friend in our household. In the same session I was also able to lighten a particular heavy energy in one section of our house that made the above situation worse. It is so nice to have someone support me without agenda or ego and empower me to clear things on my own too. Each friend I have referred to Elizabeth has always thanked me and expressed how much their particular situation improved.

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